Ultimate Dog Tease

By: klaatu42


Friday Poll #7

Short Tiger ‘n Astronaut “Shrink

Tiger & Astronaut Epi 1 Part 2

Last part

Tiger & Astronaut Epi 1 Part 1

To be continued this Thursday

The Tiger and The Astronaut!

Presenting my video THE TIGER AND THE ASTRONAUT!

(Showing First Episode  on Wednesday January 25 2012)

Friday Poll #6

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Friday Poll #5

Thought of somthing better?

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2012 Happy new year

Wow staying up all night just to have a countdown and yell HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And ate foods till  I coundn’t eat anymore XD. It’s great to lie down and close your eyes after a big long tired day!

Friday Post #4

P.S. Coolsomtastic can’t make one yesterday so I made one today!

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