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Hello Cools and Awesomes and Fantastics!

We have something called the…SUGGESTACULAR!!! Here you can tell me things that you don’t likeĀ  about my blog or what should I add you can tell me anything,But it’s still just a Suggestacular so I maybe not use the ideas you give me or I still might use it, Anyways if your idea is good and I’ll use it, I will give you credit(I will say who’s idea it came from) but if i already had the idea that you said, like saying It should be funny.” Of course i know that!!! If i use it i will not give you credit. I mean that’s just stupid.I’m looking for Spectacular not Stupid, that’s why its called Suggestacular so it’s a Suggestion and it’s Spectacular a.k.a Suggestacular.

Anyways here’s what you need to say if you have a Suggestacular.P.S. Do it in the Comment.

1.Your name or nickname or you can say Anonymous (A mouse that’s named Anonny ahahahaha not really just kidding. It means unknown) *so I can give you credit* Not credit card.

2.Your Email Address. *So I can message you back if i want*

3.Your Suggestacular *What is your Suggestion*

*4.If the idea or Suggestacular or maybe Suggestion That’s not originally yours You should tell me where you got it.

5.Your done!!!

If you need more help here’s an example:


3.Hmm…How about a Coolendar!

4.From My friend named Coolsomtastic

5.I’m done.


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