Ultimate Dog Tease

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Short Tiger ‘n Astronaut “Shrink

Tiger & Astronaut Epi 1 Part 2

Last part

Tiger & Astronaut Epi 1 Part 1

To be continued this Thursday

The Tiger and The Astronaut!

Presenting my video THE TIGER AND THE ASTRONAUT!

(Showing First Episode  on Wednesday January 25 2012)

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2012 Happy new year

Wow staying up all night just to have a countdown and yell HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And ate foods till  I coundn’t eat anymore XD. It’s great to lie down and close your eyes after a big long tired day!


CAN YOU BELIEVE 2012 IS HERE!!! It feels just yesterday I was just 10 years old… I even forget sometimes if im 11 or 12 O.O

Soooo exited for 2012!…exept for the end of the world thing.  BUT WHO CARES! Well maybe half of the people in the world. BUT I DON’T CARE! Well I don’t wanna die IM TOO YOUNG! I HAVE TOO MANY DREAMS!!! and nightmares… AM I ARGUING WITH MY SELF? I guess there gonna be aloot of changes this year…

What well you think it well be? Robots?  Talking Cars? Leave a comment and tell me what you think?

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