Friday Poll #7


Friday Poll #6

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Friday Poll #5

Thought of somthing better?

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Friday Post #4

P.S. Coolsomtastic can’t make one yesterday so I made one today!

Friday Post #3

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Friday Poll #2

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Friday Poll! #1

Poll #2 Winner

The result for the Poll #2 is here!

It’s time to announce what answer got most votes!


super sorry for forgetting to post the winner of the poll on Monday but…


For Poll #2 the question was “Who look’s more Human?” In this Poll I showed you two Pictures…

The answeres were…



3.None Of them!

two of the answers had only 1 vote, but one of them had 2 votes…

The answers that had 2 votes is the…


That means the Queen had the biggest vote! Hooray!!!

This is Coolsomtastic Saying Funny makes you happy so Everyfunny counts as funny remember cool awesome and fantastic like Everyfunny.

Poll #3

Poll #1 Winner

The result for the Poll is here!

Hey! I’m here to announce what answer got most votes!

Sorry people I was a little late posting today,but not a day late. I was working on something for this blog that’s why im late. Anyways here are the results…

For Poll #1 I asked “What would you rather be?”

The Following Answers were Cool,Awesome,Fantastic,  or I have no idea!!! And everyfunny rocks!

The Answers that only had 1 vote are Cool and Fantastic… So  “Awesome” and “I have no idea!!! And everyfunny rocks!” are left…

Awesome had… 3 votes

I have no idea!!! And everyfunny rocks! had……… Only 2 votes!

That mean Awesome had the biggest vote! Hooray!!!

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