Review Of Justin Bieber

Hey people! This is a review on a song I saw.

Some of you might know Justin Bieber.Will his a Canadian pop singer. Anyways while I was watching TV I turned on the family channel and saw half of Justin Beiber’s song only.I only seen the Middle and the last Middle Anyways I thought…

Justin Bieber song

Is Justin Bieber singing U smell?

He was singing You smell I smell” LOL I know what your thinking, But I didn’t know the title because I didn’t see the beginning at first I thought he was singing about a perfume, my first thinking actually is “Why the heck would anybody sing about how they smell? Did he lost his mind! Did he go crazy? Did he never take a bath in years!?!” Then I thought it was about dogs because dogs smells other dogs butts. Anyways if you still don’t think a little that it sounds like U smell I smell Watch this:

LOL it sounds like he sang “You smell I smell” I just wanna say Congratulation to Justin Bieber for making Smile and Smell sound the same I mean who knew they could sound the same. Oh and do you think I’m the only one who thinks that way check out some comments I found:


U smell, I smell… By:luchitoxi From YouTube

LOL Anyways it’s a great song if you just ignore the part that sound like you smell because The title is U smile.

Come back tomorrow cause Ill be posting something.


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